Student Gardens

The meaning between us is already between us

Team Youthful-LA
University of Seoul
Lee Jung-heon, Song Chae-eun, Kim Hyun-ah, Seo Jae-kyung
Bronze prize

Anything that exists in the world is interconnected by red threads called relationship. The planting with a variety of colors symbolizes individuals with different personalities, and the red structure surrounding the plants represents harmony among the residents. Link Garden, Think Life. What about taking a rest and appreciating the beauty of gardens while coming and going in different directions?

Reunion of Moonlit Night

Team New-Yunbok
Seoul Women's University
Lee Jung-min, Jang Ye-ju, Hyun Soo-jin, Jung Eun-hye, Kim Hee-seo
Bronze prize

‌'Reunion of Moonlit Night' tells the story of longing and being reunited. In the past, the moon in the night sky must have reminded lovers of their loved ones, which just led them to think about each other. As the new moon slowly turns into a full moon, the moon in 'Reunion of Moonlit Night' demonstrates that there is hope to those walking on a murky night.

2020 Jong-yak-won

Team Hyeminseo Plant Healing Department
Konkuk University
Jeon Ham-chun, Kim Beom-ju, Kang Dong-gyun, Kim Na-yeon, Baek Seung-heon
Gold prize

‌In Jungnim-dong, there was 'Jong-yak-jeon', a medicinal herb field of Hyeminseo (a government office), that treated the people during the Joseon Dynasty. This place used to give herb medicine and hope to the sick people. The 'Jong-yak-won' aims to set up a "circulation" where humans take care of plants, plants heal humans, and restore nature and communities.


Team Greeny 
Seoul National University
Hwang Ji-yoon, Bae Yeon-jae, Hwang Jun-ho
Silver prize

‌I 'CAN' DO IT! is a garden composed of three drum cans, and aluminum cans and paint pots with different sizes. Each drum can stands for Jungnim-dong, Malli-dong, and the neighborhood beyond the Seoul Station respectively. Local residents can put the plants grown at their homes around the drum cans or bring the planted cans home, jointly creating a garden that constantly changes with different landscapes.

Hyper-LOOP Garden

Team Studio 205
Korea University
Kim Yu-gyeom, Lee Chae-eun, Ko Hyeong-seok, Lee Chae-rin
Bronze prize

What if we had a link to nature in our daily lives? 'Hyper-LOOP Garden' is a gateway in the middle of the city that allows busy people to move on to nature for a while. The loops link people, daily life, and nature. People encountering these loops will be taken away from the artificially broken flowerbeds and join the flow of green in line with Son Kee Jung sports park and Seosomun history park.