Show Gardens

The Pink Island

Teo Hidalgo Nacher (Spain), 
David Vardy (UK)
Gold prize

Pink Island is based on the idea of coexistence between humans and non-humans, acknowledging our entanglements with other forms of life and the need for providing inclusive, complex, and balanced ecosystems. Pink is a concept that aims at presenting nature as something strange and yet completely connected to us. It is also a place where you can rest, experience its cork-made structures or observe life in the bustling city of Seoul.

Constructor : Timperley Landscape & Garden (Lee, Ju-eun), Corkro (Soh, Nam-woo)
Sponsor : Corkro, XJTLU DRC

The Finish Line, Solace of Nature

Gwang-ho Hong
Bronze prize

Hopefully, 'The Finish Line, Solace of Nature' is healing all of us who are going through the moments that are strongly in need of consolations, at least a little bit. As well as the painful memories of Son Kee-chung and Nam Sung-yong, Olympic marathon winners, can be recovering in this garden.

Constructor : Re-Scape (Hong, Gwang-ho)

Substrates and Stitches

Ivan Valin (Hong Kong),
Natalia Echeverri (Hong Kong)
Silver prize

‌"Substrates and Stitches" creates a dynamic space to recover our relationship with soil ― the living material that binds our cities to nature. Six Brightly colored and hand-stitched fabric containers recall Korean Bojagi and, once filled, settle into unique organic shapes for rest and play. Each 1 square-meter opening ― the size of a typical street tree pit ― is packed with plants known for their soil remediation capacity.

‌Constructor : TheSUP (Lee, Joo-ho)

The Time Walking along Memory

Jong-ho Won (Korea), 
Tae-young Park (Korea)
Bronze prize

‌'The Time Walking along Memory' is a garden that depicts the city of Seoul in a diachronic way, which has gone through a rapid growth from the ruins after the Korea War to one of the top international cities on the globe. Looking up at the city of today from the devastated past, and looking down at the old ruins from above, we can imagine 'the landscape where the past and the present face each other in silence.'

‌Constructor : Landscape Construction Seo-hwa (Noh, Hyeok-jin)

Empathy Park

Zeger Dalenberg (Netherlands), Quentin Aubry (France)
Bronze prize

‌Revealing the local links of a city, Empathy park is a prototype of an urban toolbox, taking into consideration all its different users, implemented in a common ground: a garden. Allowing users to interact, the garden finds a physical interpretation of their usage. Special features have been developed on the crossroads where the 'links' intersect, creating moments of awareness when meeting each other.

‌Constructor : Timperley Landscape & Garden (Lee, Ju-eun)
Sponsor : Chunjee Nursery, O-kyung Farm