Malli-dong Plaza

Seoul  International  Garden  Show

Hosted by  Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul International Garden Show Organizing Committee

‌Seoul Garden Show is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year, and it has now become Seoul “International” Garden Show. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the show is designed as an event based on ‘non-face-to-face and individual garden tour by a mobile guide map,’ which can weave the green areas of the city through the connection of various gardens, thereby leading to the interaction between local communities and culture. These wishes are also included in the theme of this year, “Link Garden, Think Life.”
In addition to the show gardens selected through a intense international competition in which 30 overseas teams and 50 domestic teams participated, invited garden, student gardens, and neighborhood gardens created through this event will contribute a lot to the construction of ’Seoul, City of Forests and Gardens' and ‘Seoul, Garden City for Walking.’

Link Garden, Think Life

The theme of the competition is ‘Link Garden, Think Life,’ which represents its primary objective of linking the disconnected urban spaces with gardens and making efforts to improve the quality of life for citizens through this. By gathering wisdom, we must solve together the task, which are the connection of the physical ecosystems and the psychological communities through gardens. Furthermore, it is possible and necessary to improve the urban environment and restore the community spirit through the connections.



May 14 (Fri) - May 20 (Thu), 2021



Malli-dong Plaza
Son Gi Jeong Park
Seoul, Korea



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